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Established in 2013, Ez Clean LTD. is an official importer of leading brands of sanitary dosing systems for Bulgaria. Thanks to its extensive product range and innovative technologies, the company has strengthened its position on the Bulgarian market, winning positions among the best in the sector. Over the years, Ez Clean has proven its professionalism to our customers, winning their trust and providing them with the highest quality at competitive prices. The company team of proven professionals have clearly demonstrated their excellent attitude and honesty to our customers. Some of the most reputable and iconic bars, clubs and discos in Eastern Bulgaria, as well as a wide range of corporate clients have trusted to Ez Clean. Since its establishment to this date, the company has been developed at a fast pace, providing jobs and offering quality services throughout the country.

In our product range you can find various dispenser systems that integrate quality, strength and convenience. By providing our customers with different designs, we offer them a choice of a system that adequately corresponds to the interior and style of the premise for which it is intended. For the smaller spaces, we have discrete and stylish solutions and for our most demanding customers we have developed a luxury line of sensor dispensers. They have the functionality to adjust and fine-tune the dosage, thus dramatically reducing the consumption of their consumables. According to the client’s needs and wishes, the dispensers provide the option to adjust, giving them different parameters, thus not losing their effectiveness. Our systems are approved by the RHI and the State Food Agency, which, in addition to stylish design and quality of production, they guarantee our customers excellent and uncompromising hygiene.

The wide variety of consumables enables our customers to make informed choices according to their needs without compromising on quality. Paper consumables for dispenser systems are high quality ones made of 100% cellulose, with direct import from Turkey. Thanks to the different lengths of paper rolls and the choice between one ply and two ply products, we enable the customer to make the right choice according to their needs and budget.

Soap dispensers guarantee extremely high levels of economy without losing concentration. By providing 3,000 doses of filler, our dispenser systems also win the most demanding customers. The raw materials and materials used for the production of the preparation to the dispenser system are of Italian quality, without analogue on the Bulgarian market. The rights over fragrances and levels of concentration are exclusive property of EZ CLEAN, which makes our products entirely boutique.


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